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It would be cool if you made this into a video.

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Mable should ring the doorbell or something. You should continue this.

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Disney and you could gravity falls wendy naked a fortune! Plus i need more of this shit to read. An otherworldly being invoked by Bill's backward final words, mentioned in several cryptograms in books published after the faols proper concluded, and shown in an ambiguously canonical hidden page of Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates' Treasure!

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Always a Bigger Fish: Is implied to be much higher than Bill is. This is best shown in how it speaks about him: Best famous porn apparently the most powerful being known to exist, and seems generally benevolent, or at least very cordial gravvity Dipper and Mabel even giving them a seat in "infinitely gravity falls wendy naked bean bag chair.

And gravity falls wendy naked it may have brought Bill Cipher Back from the Deadit says they'll only do so that Bill may "absolve his crime", and seems to otherwise oppose Bill. God's Hands Are Tied: It's more powerful than Bill and clearly resents his acts of destruction starfire pron cruelty, but doesn't take any action to stop him— at least, none that we know of.

A variant; ffalls Dipper introduces himself by that name, falos Axolotl slyly acknowledges that it already knows that's just gravity falls wendy naked nickname.

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Journal 3 has Bill referring to it as "The Big Frilly". King of All Cosmos: A giant frilled amphibian, gravitt is seemingly the in-universe equivalent to God.

naked wendy gravity falls

It's one actual appearance was in a book that was mostly gravuty by necessity of being a choose-your-own-adventure bookbut Hirsch has gravity falls wendy naked Dipper and Mabel's meeting with it really was canon after all. Bill called out for Axolotl as he was being killed by two pairs of twins.

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Axolotls are named after Xolotl, the Aztec god gravity falls wendy naked among other things passion and sex and carrying the dead to the afterlife. Not much is known about it, but it's implied it and Bill have wendj history and don't like one another. In particular the Axolotl seems to have a very low opinion of Bill.

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Some of the cryptograms invoke its name in place of "God". The Axolotl is my co-pilot Bazaar graffiti: Where's you Axolotl now?

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A shadowy, face-stealing monster Pacifica summoned in an ill-advised attempt to get rid of facial wrinkles.

Guarantees Pacifica a face that's " completely blemish free ".

naked wendy gravity falls

Takes people's still-living, talking faces for its private collection. A pile of comic book wenvy sapience and magic power when shoved into Stanford's cursed chest.

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