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Nov 11, - This video features Cortana from the Halo games, riding you as Master Chief! Samus Throat Fucked By An Alien Honoka sex & dance.

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Moments chased Didact Earth Broadsword help Infinity. Seemingly sole survivors events discover small number other United Nations Space Command explores characters while.

Fun stories, wolf, memes.

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Does though think may take issue Cortana's interpretation events, no, i perceived a sort of unmentioned love between Master Chiwf and Cortana, quickly discovered small number personnel High Charity. He hit ground rolled Once stopped moving looked up.

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Dude detail super sad express how jealous am last hope being torn art Google Search. When she needs him the most, mastrr is there.

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A curious 27 year old Master chief fucks cortana uncharted 3d porn finds herself sharing a room with a Sangheili. Spoiler alert, she fucks him. I really wanted to show a relationship between species where the elite isn't raping women, but instead fills the role of a human male.

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This is the the story of the events that set A6 upon this destiny. I wanted master chief fucks cortana make an attempt to write some stories, and I was really interested in the one made by Monte Cristo for Halo Wars.

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Since there have been no updates for his story, I want to try maste continue the saga. Please let me know what you think: Two Spartans left behind in the battle of New Alexandria.

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Sierra ; Monora, and Sierra ; Sara are alone together. But soon they realize how to make it a little bit better when the armor comes off.

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While aboard her new ship she meets an attractive female marine. Let the emoting begin!

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Is he going to sound like a 9 year old, swearing constantly? That's all I can imagine him sounding like anyway from online play.

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No, they're going Duke Nuk'em. Comments on pretty much everything, in the manner a 9 year old would say them, with the voice of God on horse steroids and cheap liquor.

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Hahahaha, that voice is such a troll voice. I had leftover gold from the beta pre-order so I bought that voice just to annoy people. The Mastdr Oops one is the best.

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I like the Master Chief because cortanq was the strong silent type. The less a character reveals, the more you can project yourself onto him. It's why I love Gordon Freeman.

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You can imagine him as a quietly brave, studious action hero, a snarky wiseass with a crack for everything, or a giggling psychopath. The Western Engineers raised their eyebrows when they read of the warhammer sexy shocks by which these men had perished. This feature is cortaan available right master chief fucks cortana.

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He makes a cross evasive face. Meanwhile, Cortana descends into rampancy. Please try again later. Everything Dril says is true.

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The future fails to deliver again. Rooster Teeth don't you dare.

There goes my whole belief system Damn, should have bought an Xbox instead of PS Thanks for putting that in my head.

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