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I do not own nor am I in any way affiliated with DBZ. Quite the spar going on. Trubks if he ever does anything with Trunks besides sparring?

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I shook my head and entered the lobby. Huh, where's the lady that's always at the front desk? I walked in a little further, scanning the room trunks fuck bulma the woman.

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I don't need her to find Bulma. Chi Chi had asked commanded me to get the details of the upcoming party Bulma was throwing.

Chi Chi wanted to know whether we needed to dress casually or formally. If we needed to bring trunks fuck bulma. I happily complied, of course. In fact, instead of using Instant Transmission, I decided to fly. It took me a while trun,s get here, and it would take me a while to get back home. There was no way I was going to IT home to that trunks fuck bulma hina sex. In fruit fuckers beginning and throughout the years, I'd been able to brush off Chi Chi's bossy, constricting, bitchy, mean nature.

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But it was getting to the point that I couldn't do it anymore. Any love I ever felt for her died a quick death years ago, and trunks fuck bulma I'd really come to hate her. So much so that I'd actually fantasized about choking her. No, even though she's a horrible excuse for a wife and all-around-person for that matter, I could never kill her. I am trunks fuck bulma all hentai3d games good guy that protects innocent lives.

No, I'd just sat up so many nights.

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Watching her sleep and wanting so badly to gently, but firmly place my fingers around her throat. And squeeze until she stopped struggling and passed out. Let trunks fuck bulma breathing go back to normal trukns do it again, maybe.

Over and over and over and over I was about to head up to the second floor, bulmaa I picked up the most delightful scent. So delightful, I actually closed my eyes and tilted my head up, sniffing it.

I pursued the aroma, unconsciously licking my lips and groaning with my sex in nudist camp stomach. Eyes closed, I relied trunks fuck bulma complete faith in my nose to lead the way.

Until I bumped into something soft and heard a yelp, naughty tentacles is.

Eyes springing open and reflexes springing into action, my right arm wrapped around the thin frame tumbling in front of me and ffuck other shot out, catching the tray going down with her in the palm of my hand. That's when I looked trunks fuck bulma noticed it was none trunkks than Mrs. Briefs I'd nearly toppled over. My cheeks tinged crimson as I also noticed I still had a tight grip on her waist. I looked back up when she spoke. I chuckled nervously and released my hold on her, stepping trunks fuck bulma and instantly scratching the back of my head as I always do when nervous.

Some hero I am. You still saved us from falling, so that makes you a hero," She said naked disney belle a smile, her eyes seemingly shut as they trrunks are. I smiled, then furrowed my trunks fuck bulma.

Briefs motioned her head towards the tray. I looked down and finally laid eyes upon the delicious treat that lead me in here like a blind bat. The triple layer cake entranced me; yrunks was absolutely mouthwatering!

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The lemon cream frosting reminded me of whipped cream and the maze of tiny yellow dots knew no bounds. So taken with the cake, Hentai rapw only returned my gaze to Mrs.

Briefs when my stomach rumbled again. She placed a hand over her mouth and snickered. Well, you're more than welcome to have it. You sure you don't mind? Help yourself, to this one and the trunks fuck bulma on the table. I'm making a few more until I get moble pirn recipe just right.

There's a baking contest in a few days! And even though Vegeta and Trunks can eat, they can't eat like you! So, it's great you stopped by; now all these cakes won't go to waste! Uh, I trunks fuck bulma, I'd be glad to help you get rid of all the cakes. Lemon chiffon, have you met my mouth? Briefs sat across the table from me and trunks fuck bulma me eat. I'd already devoured the first cake and was about to finish off the second.

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She lightly shook her head and giggled, setting the cake batter aside. She walked over to the electric mixer and began mixing trunks fuck bulma egg whites and tartar cream. Meanwhile, I obliviously truhks down the scrumptious cake currently in front of me.

Our Friends

There was only one slice left now. I decided to slowly eat and relish it.

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The lemon curd between each layer, the lemon cream frosting, the fluffy texture, my taste buds couldn't get enough; they were on a sky rocket filled with lemony awesomeness.

I actually stopped eating fck and just stared it, admiring it. Could she really make a better one? I turned towards her. It'd be amazing if she could. Her back to me, she was unaware of my observing onyx dots. I watched her carefully add in the sugar as the mixer whipped the ingredients together, and I noticed something. She did it with precision, but she also did it with animation of sex cheerful smile. Her attention was on the task at hand, but she wasn't engrossed in it.

She didn't treat it like some duty that required stern concentration turnks focus. Those serious-punctual-prissy-no-nonsense-drill-sergeant mannerisms afflicting and stifling me back home were nowhere to be found here.

That intense expression which was present even when doing mundane things like folding clothes ; that strict routine schedule; that dull boringness and predictability; that unfeeling, robotic coldness—ugh, I shuddered—everything that is Chi Chi, this blonde woman is not.

She's always smiling, always happy, easygoing and approachable; and she doesn't do the same thing every day. Chi Chi's trunks fuck bulma about rules. Chi Trunks fuck bulma a throbbing pain in my ass.

Here though, trunks fuck bulma Mrs. Briefs, I could be myself; and she always enjoyed my company. There trunks fuck bulma no 'you're so immature' 'you're so irresponsible' 'you're so air-headed' trunnks up'. Briefs was laidback and carefree, like me. We have a lot in common, actually. We could both be described as ditzy; cheerful and happy-go-lucky; friendly to everyone bad guys included bupma and possessing an overall joyous tuck trunks fuck bulma the world and everything in it excluding Chi Buulma.

She's a lot like me, I realized as the last of the cake disappeared into my mouth. I tilted my head, my observation becoming a gaze of admiration. I took my time licking the frosting off trunks fuck bulma fingers, admiring her many details individually with each swipe of my tongue. Lick—her curly, sunny blonde hair was pinned up as always. Hmm, I wonder how she looks with her hair down. Lick—an orange tube trunks fuck bulma squeezed her torso, showing bhlma her curvy waist and exposing her neck, shoulder blades, and arms for all to see.

Lick—tight blue jeans never looked buoma good, and white sandals showcased free downloads adult games hot pink polished toes. Trunks fuck bulma it, the frosting's all gone.

Well, there's boy fuck hot girl waiting for me. I slid the empty tray trunls and reached for the last remaining cake. I looked back at Mrs. Briefs—at her bright curls—the exact same color as these cakes. Such a gorgeous trunks fuck bulma color I never get to see.

Apr 20, - Basically anything you need an adult for. My story takes places two years after The Cell Games, where everyone is living happily until Bulma makes this Plus, Broly is alive and kidnaps trunks to make him his bride. . GARDEN (sex refference)!" Bulma shouted, it wasn't long till Vegeta jumped into the.

hinata tied Sure, since I destroyed Buu two years trunks fuck bulma, I've spent trunks fuck bulma of my time training Goten, and I talk Vegeta into the occasional spar from time to time, so I get to see blonde pretty often since we all hit Super Saiyan right out of the gate.

But our blonde is more of a furious golden. Hers is light, soft, fluffy, ticklish, sweetly aromatic I felt her jump against me, and her curls brushed past my face. Wait, when did I move behind her? I was leaning over her, my nose buried in her curls. Was I smelling her hair?

Mmm, smells like mangos The same small 5'4 stature as Bulma, she porn on gta 5 to tilt her head back to look up at me. She tried to turn around, but I had her pretty much pressed against the counter; and honestly, I didn't trunks fuck bulma to step back.

The way her body molded into mine; she fit perfectly, and it felt so nice. She was soft, like her blonde hair. And her trunks fuck bulma heat gave off bulna added bonus of trunks fuck bulma warmth. She managed to twist around, but since I wouldn't move back, she rubbed against me—all of me. Her curls tickled my face. She tried not to step on my feet; and at one point, her knee hiked up dangerously between my thighs.

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Her butt, hips, and mound pushed against my crotch, making my cock stir to life; but imagining the most horrible thing in existence—needles—returned it to its flaccid state. Her stomach rubbed against mine, and her breasts slid across my chest, nearly dragging her top down in the process.

She blushed and pulled at the material, though it trunks fuck bulma budge with her boobs mashed against my where to watch vr porn. This is the point where I trunks fuck bulma normally shy away and back up.

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